How to Find Free Images for Blog Posts

As a blogger for blog posts copyright free images for blogs or royalty free images is a big issue for many of us. Because to get high rank in search engine a blog should have unique content on it. Today, if we use other’s copyrighted images then we may caught by google in any next algorithms update. There are many sources on internet from where you can get copyright free photos or images. Using these images you don’t need to publish any credit link of creator or website. This is very hot topic on internet that “how to get copyright free photos or non-copyrighted images for free”.

What is meant by copyrights of images?

If a photographer or graphic designer publish his photos or images on any website or blog then he mentions some limits that how this image access by public free or paid. Or using of that image for personal or professional? The designer/photographer defines this criteria.
The most common copyrights using for online content is Creative Common or CC. There are different versions of CC license. For example Creative Common 2.0. There are many graphic sites using this CC 2.0 which provide free images only for Personal. But if we use these images for commercial then we need to put Credit or Attribution of copyright holder.

Free images for Blog Posts?

Now, I am going to show a list of sources that provides images with this right that you can use that images everywhere personal and commercial use or modify that images without giving any credit/attribution to its original author/creator. Because these sources provide images or graphics with Creative Common 0 or CC 0. Now, you don’t need to pay heavy amount to paid sources of images like ShutterStock, istockphoto, fotolia, Gettyimages and many more.
These are free image providers:

1 unSplash

If you need high resolution images then unsplash is heaven for you. Unsplash publish/upload 10 new images with high resolution in 10 days. These images are licensed under Creative Commons Public Domain License.

get images for blog posts copyright free

2 SplitShire

SplitShire is a stock of charming and high Defination images. SplitShire also provides free images under license Creative Common Public Domain. You can use these images for your personal and commercial use without any credit of creator.

free images for blog posts

3 PixAbay

PixAbay is most popular royalty free image stock on internet which gives you rights to use its images for any purpose which may be Personal or Commercial. You don’t need to pay or credit of original author.

copyright free blog images

4 is also a free image stock. PublicDomainArchive’s images are cool and close to nature.

how to get free blog post images

5 imFree

The last online image stock is imFree.

free images


Some images contains logos or links, you can easily remove these logos, names or links by using tools like Photoshop or any other. There are different techniques to modify or remove these logos by cropping or Eraser tool etc. You can also put the link of your site or Logo.

Get Free Complete CMS in PHP OOP

Before going to share complete CMS in PHP OOP I want to show you that what is CMS?
CMS means Content Management System. CMS is web application or program which is used to manage or create content. In this blog post I am going to share complete CMS in PHP OOP with source code which is easily downloadable and executable. The source code is a backlink free code. You can use this code for any CMS Project. In CMS there are two units, first is front end WEBSITE for users and second is back end which is Admin Panel. Admin Panel is a gateway for administrator from which administrator can login to and made changes according to its requirements.

How to execute PHP OOP CMS?

For that purpose you have need to install XAMPP or WAMP on your system. You can download these software from official websites the links are given   XAMPP or WAMP
After installation, download CMS source code file and paste in HTDOCS folder which is located in xamp/wamp installation folder. After that open your web browser (Chrome or Firefox) then write “localhost/phpblog” in URL address bar of browser. Then source code will be execute. Now the website is in front of you (as a visitor) which we have designed in coding. You need to import database which has the content post or admin panel.

Import Database?

To import database you need to create a new database with name of “phpblog”. Just go to localhost/phpmyadmin and create a new database (whole method is practically discussed in the video tutorial given below). Now you have created an offline localhost, now you can view you website on your localhost. You can login to admin panel of your site by entering given credentials email: and password: walikhan. You can also change login information later.

Video Tutorial
For your guidance about whole process of PHP OOP CMS I have also published a video tutorial. 
You can subscribe my channel for more web development tutorials in English. If you have any problem or error then comment below we’ll try to assist you ASAP. Happy sharing