search engine optimizatopn tips for blogger
Search Engine Optimization is known as SEO. In other words, Search Engine Optimization is a way through search engines such as Yahoo.com, Bing.com, Google.com and many other present your page on their sites according to the search results of users.

How Search engine rank a Site?

Now there is a question, how they do that? These search engines do that through complicated software tools, which are also called spiders. Following example of empty room would be helpful for you to understand SEO, suppose the empty room of internet is filled with air particles. The empty room is filled with websites and also completely dark, complicated software tools crawling like a spider and the very step of this spider is taking as the slowly moving the website. Like a spider the search engine optimization moving through websites by taking up one by one. After studying them and then ranking them. This ranking of SEO is of great importance, because a high ranked website will always be here on the first page by search results of Google in the comparison of the low ranked websites.

SEO is much essential to get higher rank in the hub of websites. Now search engine optimization is of great significant because billions of users and number of websites are increasing day by day. If you want to get high rank for your site you need to improve it or optimize it. Let’s watch how can improve or optimize your site rank.

search engine optimization tips for bloggers

Kinds of Optimization
Before proceeding, it is important to know that optimization is of two kinds like On-page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-page optimization
Very first step of SEO is on-page optimization. There are factors that refers by Search engine Optimization for listing your website in search result. You can control these factors by encoding on your website. HTML codes, Keywords density, keyword placement and Meta tags are the example of the on-page optimization.

Off-page optimization
It is very important part of SEO for ranking your website, however it deals with back links to your website. Your website will reachable on other networks, apps and websites via back links.

1 Clarity in Blog Post Title
The title of your post is much important for search engine optimization, because they can attract and distract attention. So this is important for you to give reasonable attention   to the title of the post. Title must be simple, accepting, intriguing and descriptive, and easy for people. Seventy characters’ keywords of your post title are of great importance.

2 Good Quality of Content
As you may know that “content is king”. Content is very important part of your website, so you must write original, use unique keywords, use related images in order to appear in the search results, and any post of your website must be of 300-500 words. On the other hand you need to avoid copy pasting, objects of keywords, avoid to use multimedia subjects and avoid to write any post less than 300 words.

3 Use of keywords
Keywords are specific conditions that are used by others in order to search for your content. Keywords are important in search engine optimization but it doesn’t mean that you stuff your website with keywords. This act will not helpful for the ranking of your website.
Simply you chose a title and utilize it page URL, use in the beginning and conclusion paragraph and use in article body where it need.    

4 Importance of Meta Tag
Meta tags are also important for search engine optimization. Google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com and all others search engines have used long left Meta tags for getting website information. Met tagging is important for your website but it is not all that you need for your site ranking. All the same it is important as like the keywords in your metadata.

5 Significance of Links 
For SEO perspective links and hyperlinks are also important. You can utilize it to link out to other posts, previous posts, networks and websites using keywords anchor elements. And other can link in to you through sharing your posts on their website or other social media networks.

How to Remove Credit Link in Blogger Template

how to remove credit links in blogger

This Blogger tutorial will help you to modify your Blogger Templates. As you know there a large number of websites providing free and premium blogger templates. But every free Blogger Template have a credit link hidden in Html or JavaScript. There is a logic to provide you free Blogger template. For example someone needs to create backlinks for search engine optimization of his blog or website. Because backlinks have magical effect on SEO. So he will design a blogger template by hiring any Web Designer and he will put a credit link (Link of his blog or website) hidden in coding. After that he will publish it on any blogger template providing website. This credit link will create a backlink for his site or blog from every single Blogger blog on which that template should be install. So that was the logic behind credit links. When someone’s blog link display on your blog its looks a bad. Many people wants to get rid from credit links in blogger templates. You can easily remove credit link from your blogger template by following the instructions given below:

Steps to Remove Credit Links in Blogger

Step 1: Go to your Blogger Dashboard Click on TEMPLATE >> HTML EDIT
how to remove credit links in blogger templates

Step 2: Click anywhere inside code editor and Press CTRL+F from your keyboard

remove credit link in blogger template

Step 3: After that a search box will be appear on top right in HTML EDITOR and type these keywords to find credit link

Credit, Copyright or Designed by

Step 4:  When found then it will looks like
how to remove credit link in blogger templates

Step 5: Now you have to just add this code here
how to remove credit link in blogger templates
Code is:

style='visibility: hidden;'

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