How to Change Blogger Favicon

What is a favicon?
A favicon is an image or picture of very small size 16 pixel by 16 pixel which always display in the tab bar of web browser that represents your blog before the title of your blogger blog and also appears on saved or bookmarked webpages..  It’s also appear in history, search results and bookmark lists. Favicon usually contains on logos or icons of blog. You can use .PNG or .JPG or any other graphic formatted image but the size of favicon is fixed and not acceptable more than 16x16Pixels. For example blogger or BlogSpot default favicon for all blogs is shown in the caption given below:

Usability of Blog:
Favicon increase usability of a blog. Favicon of a blog or site has a very minor but important role in your Blog SEO. Favicon has no direct impact on SEO but has an indirect impact on your Blog SEO. If your site has a custom favicon then it will increase usability of your blog. Because it displays on tab bar next your blog title, history, bookmark or saved pages. It will helps to your visitor or user to get access your blog without any time consume by finding your blog from web history, bookmark folder, archives or a list of tabs open in web browser. User can easily find blog or website having favicon as compared to other blog which has no favicon.

Before going to choose a custom blogger favicon you need to create a favicon of size 16X16Pixel. There are many blogger favicon generators are available online. Go to then you have to choose image which you want resize as favicon and choose 16x16 size then click Generate. It will automatically resize it for blogger favicon.

How to change Blogger Favicon?

It’s quite simple to add a custom favicon in blogger blog. Follow the instructions given below in blogger tutorial.

1 Step:

how to change blogger favicon

2 Step:
Click on Edit link given in Favicon box. Then a pop up window will be appear. Choose image which you want to add as favicon size 16X16 Pixels.

how to change blogger favicon

Then click on Save.

How to Create A Rollover Image Effect (Change image on MouseOver)

Image Rollover function or Effect is a function through which you can easily create an effect when mouse over an Image Web Object then this image changes or swaps to other image Web Object. When mouse out then original image came back. This effect is called Image Rollover Effect. Actually, this function is created by onMouseOver and onMouseOut attributes. By using this function you can make awesome webpages.

Demo: When Mouse Cursor goes over this Twitter Bird image then it will change to other small Twitter Bird image.

Creating Rollover Image Effect: 

Copy this code and paste in that post where you want to create a Rollover image effect:

<a href="TARGET URL ADDRESS"><img src="URL OF FIRST IMAGE " onmouseover="this.src='URL OF SECOND IMAGE '" onmouseout="this.src='URL OF FIRST IMAGE'" /></a>

Change the colored text with instructions given below:

Here you need to write the URL Link where somebody goes after click on that image.
For example i want to send visitor to my Twitter account then i will enter my account Twitter Profile URL  

Replace this yellow colored text with the URL Link of the image that will appear in normal mode or when mouse cursor out.

Replace this Blue colored text with URL Link of that image which will appear when mouse cursor goes over the image or mouse over the image .

That's it! You can create Rollover effect in every post by using this simple method.

Video Tutorial:

How to Show Blogger Images only in Homepage and Hide from Post Page

Do you want to know how to add a custom posts thumbnail in blogger or how to hide a specific picture/image from blogger posts and make them visible on your blogger homage as Thumbnails. On other platforms like WordPress while creating a post there is an option to choose a specific picture/image to show as thumbnail on your blog homepage for that post. This feature makes a first look to reader or blog visitor about every post and make our homepage user-friendly. If you are blogger and annoying to create this specific thumbnail for every single post. We can easily make this function and hide pictures for thumbnail from our post and make them visible to homepage. For this purpose you have to follow the tutorial.

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard  >>  Template >> Edit Html

show blogger images only in homepage and remove from post page

Step 2: Click anywhere in Html Editor and press CTRL+F from your keyboard then a Search Box will be appear in top right corner of Html Editor.

show blogger images only in homepage and remove from post page

Step 3: Copy this code and paste in Search Box then hit ENTER
Step 4: Copy given below CSS code and paste it immediately below this    ]]></b:skin>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;index&quot;'>
display: none;

And Save the Template

Step 5:  Every time while you will create a new post then add your image/picture first and then turn editor to Html

show images on homepage and hide on post page

Then locate the code for that image which will look like that

Note: this html code for your image can be located anywhere according where you have uploaded that image in post’s Start, Middle or End

Step 6: Replace the code highlighted below in caption with code “hideimage

show images on homepage and hide on post page

Now that’s all specific thumbnail for a blog post option have created on your blog you have to repeat for every new single post.

For any help or assistance please comment below or go to Contact and submit me your problem or question.

Video Tutorial:

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How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution

Powered by Blogger Attribution is a Link which display in the bottom or footer of many blogger templates. Powered by Blogger Attribution is mark or representation that this blog is on Blogger/Blogspot.  Many people wants to remove Powered by Blogger Attribution widget from their bogs they click on Quick Edit Button but there is no option in Quick Edit Popup window to remove or hide this widget. Because this widget is locked in your blog coding. If you want to remove Powered by Blogger widget then follow the instructions given below

Step 1:   Go to Blogspot Dashboard Go to Template Edit Html

how to remove powered by blogger attribution widget

Step 2:   Click anywhere in the code editor and Press CTRL+F to find

Step 3:   Now copy and paste this code in the Search Box then press Enter

Step 4:   Copy this code and Paste just immediately before </head>:

display: none; }
Step 5:   Now click on “Save Template”.

Congrats! Your Blogger is now free from Powered by Blogger or Blogger Attribution. 

How to Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons in Blogger

First of all let me tell you that “What is Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon”?
When you are using Blogger/BlogSpot default templates then you will see a Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon on right side of every blogger Widget or Gadget for example. Quick Edit button is very useful function.  The purpose of adding this quick edit button by Template Designer is save the time of Blogger or Blog Editor.  Blogger can make easily any change or modification in appearance of widgets from blogger homepage without going to template editor or layout of blogger. This link or Quick Edit Pencil Button is only visible to Blog Editor or Admin and also to blog readers but visitor cannot make any change through this button. This is very handy tool to make Blogger or BlogSpot comfortable platform for Bloggers. But having positive features of this tool on blog there are also many hidden negative faults and disadvantages on many Blogger features such as
Such as negative impact on site loading speed or Blog loading speed, SEO, Look of Blog and many more. In other words when a visitor visit your Blog he look at these tools or links showing on your blog that makes bad impression on your visitor. Means that these Quick Edit Pencil icon or Wrench Icon damages your blog’s beauty. Many bloggers don’t use this tool to make any changes in their Widgets. They use their Admin Panel or Layout Panel of their blog. So many Blogger want to know “How to Remove Quick and Wrench Icons in Blogger”.  Anyone can easily remove these icons or links from his Blog within Seconds by following these 3 easiest and simple ways.


Method 1: Removing Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon with CSS:

Quick Edit Pencil or Wrench icon create ease of access to make changes in widgets if you want to remove quick edit pencil icon or wrench icon from your Blog so you can easily hide this by using CSS.
To remove this quick edit icon go to
                         TEMPLATE EDITOR  →  EDIT HTML →  PRESS CTRL + F
to Find this code </head>
Copy given below code and paste immediately before </head>
.qiuckedit{ Display:none;}

Method 2: Removing tag code from Template:

If you want to remove edit button or wrench icon completely from your template. Then this method is perfect for that. Just Go to
                                   TEMPLATE EDITOR → EDIT HTML → PRESS CTRL + F
to find this code and where you found this code remove all codes and save your Template.
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
Now your template is completely free from Quick Edit Pencil or Wrench Icon.

Method 3: Remove Quick Edit Pencil from Blog Post footer:

Sometimes quick edit button is also display in the footer of blog posts. If you want to remove this wrench icon Go to

Blogger Admin Panel  →  Layout Panel Now in the right end of
Blog Posts  section there will be a Edit Button click on it → Then a pop up window will be appear then uncheck Box of “Show Quick Editing Option and then save template

Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Home

It is fact about the Internet that it has become a money making tool or machine. I assure you that a person can earn more money at home through Internet rather than heavy investment in companies physically.  There are more than one hundred ways of online earning at home. Now Internet is industry of trillions dollars. From these ways to make money from home you can earn without any investment and it’s totally free.   Thousands number of companies are working online a great number of people are full time working online and most interesting thing is that billions of dollars are earned and spent via internet while keeping at home. This is also truth that this industry is growing very dramatically and rapidly. With the start of New Year, a number of people will be interesting or planning in New Year determination, their determination may be about better future. If you is among those determinant people and thinking about earning online then you are at the true point. The most important thing about establishing online business is that one should not need to pay to take start. As you know there are hundred ways of make money online at home, but I am going to share with you a number of ways of make money via internet.

ways to make money from hom

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Below money making sites are legitimate and well-known. I have earned money via internet by utilizing myself. I can assure you 100% that you also can earn money via internet from home. In the coming list of online earning ways, some will be discussed with explanation and other ways will be described just with name. Therefore, the complete list of online earning ways while operating from home is presenting now. I have tried to adding more and more ways as I find them.

1) Google AdSense

Google Adsense is very easy method to earn money via internet is to make a website or blog or start exhibiting Google Ads. You’re earning will be increased as you have more visitors on your blog or website you will make money through impression or click via Google Adsense. Through this method you can earn passive income online. 

2) is alternate advertising network of Google Adsense. This network is Yahoo and Bing contextual online advertising network. Through this network a blogger can earn more than Google Adsense earning.  This is second biggest Advertising Network after Google Adsense. The way of earning through is similarly to Adsense. You have to start a blog or Website and publish your content online. After that you have to achieve minimum traffic requirements suggested by for become Ad publisher of

3) is also an Adverting network like Adsense and You can earn through advertising ads of on your blogs or website. The procedure of is similarly to the Adsense or It pays to its publishers through PayPal and Western Union.


This is another platform of online earning through publishing ads on your blog or website. You need to create here an account. is too easy to device.

5) is also online earning site of advertising of buy and sell ads own your blog or website. You simply get ads from the direct advertisers and direct ads selling website and publish this ad own your blog and earn money. The procedure of is much easy you need to set or put a blank space or bar on your website. Then the site complete its work.

6) is also online money making site in online advertising. Here also you have to publish ads on your blog or website after its approval. After the procedure of approval you can earn a great amount by publishing their ad on your blog or website.

7) is also ads advertising platform. Like you can make money online by publishing ads on your site/blog from is very easy to apply and you can sign up free and start making money. 

8) is another great network publishing ads such as its name. Here also you can money online by publishing advertisement on your site or blog.

9) is a new advertisement network and it is becoming very popular and famous among publishers. You can make money by publishing ads on your website and blog following to the observation and comment section. 


A great number of online work is offering by such as web development, consultancy, programming, data entry and many more. You can earn money here by utilizing your skills and education. On this network a number of people are making online. This minimum earning is US $2. A newbie can easily make $100 in a month.

How To Remove Subscribe To Posts Atom in Blogger

Many blogger templates have their own default settings. Some Blogger Templates shown a button or link named as “Subscribe to Posts Atom” within post body. The purpose of this button is some visitors wants to Subscribe Atom Feeds. Because some blog readers use this link to subscribe atom feeds. There is no more function of this button. Means that this button or Link is useless. Mostly Bloggers wants to remove this link or button from their blog because they wants to make their blog look beautiful and shiny for their audience. But when it appear on your Blogger Template or Theme then it looks strange and it appear on the bottom of post body.

hide subscribe to posts atom

How To Remove Subscribe To Posts Atom in Blogger?

  If you are worried about it and wants to remove this “Subscribe to - posts atom” Link from your Blogger Template. Then you can easily remove this button or link from Blogger Template by following steps.

Method 1

Step 1:      Go to your Blogger Panel

Step 2:      Then Click on Template and select EDIT HTML

subscribe posts atom

Step 3:      Blogger’s CODE EDITOR will be open

Step 4:      Now copy this given below code

Step 5:      Again go to Blogger Code Editor then click anywhere inside CODE EDITOR

Step 6:     Press [CTRL + F] and a Search Box will be appear in editor window, Now paste that
                 code you have copied and press Enter [Enter]

how to remove subscribe to atom in blogger

Step 7:      Then this code will be appear in the editor as Highlighted Code
                  Remove that highlighted code and Click Save Template

Method 2:   

Step 1:      Open Template and then Edit Html

Step 2:      Click anywhere within Editor and 

Step 3:      Press [CTRL + F] to Find this Code just copy it and paste in the Search


Step 4:      Similarly code will be appear highlighted within code editor

              Step 5:  Expand this Code And Paste the code given below immediately before                                                   Highlighted code  ]]></b:skin>.

.feed-links { display:none !important; }