How to Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons in Blogger

First of all let me tell you that “What is Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon”?
When you are using Blogger/BlogSpot default templates then you will see a Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon on right side of every blogger Widget or Gadget for example. Quick Edit button is very useful function.  The purpose of adding this quick edit button by Template Designer is save the time of Blogger or Blog Editor.  Blogger can make easily any change or modification in appearance of widgets from blogger homepage without going to template editor or layout of blogger. This link or Quick Edit Pencil Button is only visible to Blog Editor or Admin and also to blog readers but visitor cannot make any change through this button. This is very handy tool to make Blogger or BlogSpot comfortable platform for Bloggers. But having positive features of this tool on blog there are also many hidden negative faults and disadvantages on many Blogger features such as
Such as negative impact on site loading speed or Blog loading speed, SEO, Look of Blog and many more. In other words when a visitor visit your Blog he look at these tools or links showing on your blog that makes bad impression on your visitor. Means that these Quick Edit Pencil icon or Wrench Icon damages your blog’s beauty. Many bloggers don’t use this tool to make any changes in their Widgets. They use their Admin Panel or Layout Panel of their blog. So many Blogger want to know “How to Remove Quick and Wrench Icons in Blogger”.  Anyone can easily remove these icons or links from his Blog within Seconds by following these 3 easiest and simple ways.


Method 1: Removing Quick Edit Button or Wrench Icon with CSS:

Quick Edit Pencil or Wrench icon create ease of access to make changes in widgets if you want to remove quick edit pencil icon or wrench icon from your Blog so you can easily hide this by using CSS.
To remove this quick edit icon go to
                         TEMPLATE EDITOR  →  EDIT HTML →  PRESS CTRL + F
to Find this code </head>
Copy given below code and paste immediately before </head>
.qiuckedit{ Display:none;}

Method 2: Removing tag code from Template:

If you want to remove edit button or wrench icon completely from your template. Then this method is perfect for that. Just Go to
                                   TEMPLATE EDITOR → EDIT HTML → PRESS CTRL + F
to find this code and where you found this code remove all codes and save your Template.
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
Now your template is completely free from Quick Edit Pencil or Wrench Icon.

Method 3: Remove Quick Edit Pencil from Blog Post footer:

Sometimes quick edit button is also display in the footer of blog posts. If you want to remove this wrench icon Go to

Blogger Admin Panel  →  Layout Panel Now in the right end of
Blog Posts  section there will be a Edit Button click on it → Then a pop up window will be appear then uncheck Box of “Show Quick Editing Option and then save template