How To Remove Subscribe To Posts Atom in Blogger

Many blogger templates have their own default settings. Some Blogger Templates shown a button or link named as “Subscribe to Posts Atom” within post body. The purpose of this button is some visitors wants to Subscribe Atom Feeds. Because some blog readers use this link to subscribe atom feeds. There is no more function of this button. Means that this button or Link is useless. Mostly Bloggers wants to remove this link or button from their blog because they wants to make their blog look beautiful and shiny for their audience. But when it appear on your Blogger Template or Theme then it looks strange and it appear on the bottom of post body.

hide subscribe to posts atom

How To Remove Subscribe To Posts Atom in Blogger?

  If you are worried about it and wants to remove this “Subscribe to - posts atom” Link from your Blogger Template. Then you can easily remove this button or link from Blogger Template by following steps.

Method 1

Step 1:      Go to your Blogger Panel

Step 2:      Then Click on Template and select EDIT HTML

subscribe posts atom

Step 3:      Blogger’s CODE EDITOR will be open

Step 4:      Now copy this given below code

Step 5:      Again go to Blogger Code Editor then click anywhere inside CODE EDITOR

Step 6:     Press [CTRL + F] and a Search Box will be appear in editor window, Now paste that
                 code you have copied and press Enter [Enter]

how to remove subscribe to atom in blogger

Step 7:      Then this code will be appear in the editor as Highlighted Code
                  Remove that highlighted code and Click Save Template

Method 2:   

Step 1:      Open Template and then Edit Html

Step 2:      Click anywhere within Editor and 

Step 3:      Press [CTRL + F] to Find this Code just copy it and paste in the Search


Step 4:      Similarly code will be appear highlighted within code editor

              Step 5:  Expand this Code And Paste the code given below immediately before                                                   Highlighted code  ]]></b:skin>.

.feed-links { display:none !important; }