How to Change Blogger Favicon

What is a favicon?
A favicon is an image or picture of very small size 16 pixel by 16 pixel which always display in the tab bar of web browser that represents your blog before the title of your blogger blog and also appears on saved or bookmarked webpages..  It’s also appear in history, search results and bookmark lists. Favicon usually contains on logos or icons of blog. You can use .PNG or .JPG or any other graphic formatted image but the size of favicon is fixed and not acceptable more than 16x16Pixels. For example blogger or BlogSpot default favicon for all blogs is shown in the caption given below:

Usability of Blog:
Favicon increase usability of a blog. Favicon of a blog or site has a very minor but important role in your Blog SEO. Favicon has no direct impact on SEO but has an indirect impact on your Blog SEO. If your site has a custom favicon then it will increase usability of your blog. Because it displays on tab bar next your blog title, history, bookmark or saved pages. It will helps to your visitor or user to get access your blog without any time consume by finding your blog from web history, bookmark folder, archives or a list of tabs open in web browser. User can easily find blog or website having favicon as compared to other blog which has no favicon.

Before going to choose a custom blogger favicon you need to create a favicon of size 16X16Pixel. There are many blogger favicon generators are available online. Go to then you have to choose image which you want resize as favicon and choose 16x16 size then click Generate. It will automatically resize it for blogger favicon.

How to change Blogger Favicon?

It’s quite simple to add a custom favicon in blogger blog. Follow the instructions given below in blogger tutorial.

1 Step:

how to change blogger favicon

2 Step:
Click on Edit link given in Favicon box. Then a pop up window will be appear. Choose image which you want to add as favicon size 16X16 Pixels.

how to change blogger favicon

Then click on Save.