How to optimize an article for SEO

Optimizing an article for SEO

How to optimizing an article for SEO There are three main points that needs to be focus while we are writing an article and optimize this article for SEO.

Main things to check in the article:

1) Keyword density (max 3%)
2) Keyword Prominence (100%)
3) Keyword Proximity (100%)

First of all very important thing is “keyword density”.
 What is keyword density?
Keyword density means amount of the keyword which we’ve selected for that article how much times we have use in that article. Keyword density limit for SEO by google is only up to 2% and maximum 3%. If you’ll cross this limit you’ll go into keyword stepping sector. Google will take this point that you have black hat method used in the article to cheat Google. The google will ban your article.
For example I wrote an article of
Total words 500
Your maximum keywords density limit will be 15 words of keywords you can use in that article.
Better is do not cross 2% limit I think 2% is better. By 2% you can use only 10 words in that article. I personally recommend to you always keep your article keyword density up to 2% not use 3% because this is maximum value. Then Google will index your article and rank your article with positive results.
Second thing is Keyword Prominence. Its means something like placing your reserved keyword in the article. For better results you have to put your keyword in the permalink of the article. In the 2nd put it on the title or heading of article. And start your article with including your keyword in the first line. After doing these three things that you’ve put keyword in the permalink, in the title and in the first line of the article you can say your article’s Keyword Prominence is 100%.
Third thing is keyword proximity which means the distance between exact words in the keywords.